Furry Found Footage

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Furry Found Footage Volumes 1 and 2 are now available for purchase on Gumroad!






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Agouti and Aurelina get drunk and discuss clowns. We have a lot of things to say about clowns. Clowns are a big problem.

Art courtesy of  Teddy Foxcoon

SHOW 162: Reno 911

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fffbook We’re back from Biggest Little Furcon in Reno! It was a fascinating experience and a chance to see a completely new state! What did Aurelina and Agouti think of the silver state? Did they take this opportunity to win it big on whatever gambling games they might have in that state where gambling is a thing? Oh, you know what we found there? Garbage bags full of old YARF collections, each one chock full of laughably boring con report comics from the 90s. So to celebrate that, here’s our own laughably boring con report…FROM TODAYYYYYY!

Today’s art is courtesy of Sharpt00th!

SHOW 161: Sneezing Baby Panda

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tumblr_nmcfkr0ClQ1rgo1jio1_540This week, SHOW returns to talk about sneezing baby panda. Not the YouTube video, THE MOVIE.



That’s right, Agouti and Aurelina will be bringing the same door-busting, room-filling sextravaganza of sweet hot garbage that killed at this year’s FURTHER CONFUSION and TEXAS FURRY FIESTA to yet another venue: THE BIGGEST LITTLE FURCON in Reno, Nevada! FRIDAY, MAY 15 at 8 pm!! BE THERE OR BE STUPID!

Oh, what’s that? You won’t be able to make it to Reno? Well, good thing that AWFUL CRAP is now available for DOWNLOAD!!! at https://gumroad.com/l/CngJ


Is Awful Crap for you? Why don’t you take it out for a spin with some FREE SAMPLES???

Today’s SHOW art comes courtesy of Tzologeist

SHOW 160: Blobble Girls

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1356061864.sharpt00th_yearwithoutshowDid you know that BBWchan wrote an RPG, which is great if you’re the sort of person who wants to jerk off but needs to roll dice in order to achieve orgasm. It’s Wobblegirls, so you can roleplay fat girls fighting wild dogs and shit or something, who cares. Rafferty and Sharpt00th join us again to discuss bad ideas in role playing.

Art courtesy of Sharpt00th

SHOW 159: Boy of Food

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SHOW is back! Becaus1378167372.bottledwater_showe of real world concerns, including our preparation for our furry found footage panel at Biggest Little Furcon in May, we’ve had toput SHOW on a whenever-we-can-get-to-it schedule. But despair not, loyal Showians! SHOW lives on in our collective hearts. And also in the story of a boy who could produce food stuffs from his very body. In this week’s episode,   agouti-rex and   aurelina team up with Fun Coveteers   rafferty and   sharpt00th to discuss what may be the most misguided film in the history of direct-to-dumpster kids crap.

Today’s SHOW art by   bottledwater


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santa's penis
We started talking about this topic after drinking grand marnier and we realized that we NEEDED to share this with the world. We’re blowing the lid off this topic like a regular Woodward and Bernstein. This show was conceived, recorded and posted within the span of like 12 minutes. Also the SHOW bumper art was drawn during that same span as indicated by its quality. Santa’s penis has a knot because of course it does.

SHOW 157: UnBEARable Crime

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show_gondolaWhen the Napoleon of Crime strikes in Venice and steals all the city’s precious antique glass, who do you call? A teddy bear detective based on a 1998 screensaver. In this SHOW episode, Aurelina and Agouti blow the lid off of Venice Under Glass, the insane iTunes book about anthropomorphic teddy bears who solve crimes.

Learn more about Venice Under Glass! Or, better yet, read the review that made author Stephan Harper go insane!

Today’s SHOW art courtesy of Steph Cherrywell!

Furry Found Footage @ Furry Fiesta

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Don’t worry if you missed SHOW’s Furry Found Footage at Further Confusion, because IT’S BACK! Check out the one and only Furry Found Footage event at its second ever panel at Furry Fiesta in February!

SHOW 156: It Came from FurCon 2015!

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1329762333.fatfoxlower_aureTonight on SHOW we give a small run down of our time at FC, forgetting of course o mention any of our roommates wonderfulness. Feel free to take a look at our post-con journal entry for that information! Included is an explanation of what can be found on our SHOW DVD, and some hints about what might go into the next one.

Art by fatfoxlower  fatfoxlower